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10 Great Term Paper Topics in Education

There are so many topics within education to consider as a focus for a term paper that you are really spoiled for choice. The best starting place is consider what aspect you find the most interesting and engaging. It may be an area where you would like to do some independent research or an area that you have found to be controversial. What ever you choose make sure you build on sound research and evidence rather than on an obscure article in a magazine.

It is a good idea to gain access to read term papers that have been produced by past students, your professor and/or librarian can guide you with this.

If you have not akready defined you focus you may consider which area of education you may direct your attention towards e.g

  1. Theories of Learning in Early Years (Look at Montessori, Highscope etc and how the theories relate to the classroom curriculum. Acknowledge why the interest in language development is so important. Also look at the early signs of Asperger's syndrome)
  2. Currriculum development (Acknowledge the work that is carried out before the child even gets as far as getting into the classroom and how the curriculum is modified to meed individual needs).
  3. Philosophy of Education (How academic philosophy is applied and developed to practical situations. How is this applied to students with special educational needs).
  4. Understanding the importance of Play (Acknowledgement of research in this area and how play needs to be promoted especially in the hitech society).
  5. Teacher Leadership (How teacher develop leadership skills that have an impact not just on their students but also on their peers).
  6. Promotion of the educational system (Why some parents choose to home school their children. Are they providing the children with a better or a reduced curriculum?)
  7. Classroom Management (Coping with challenging behavior in the classroom, maintaining discipline but still being approachable).
  8. The goal of the educational system (Are the needs of the stuidents being met or are they being let down because of the need to produce statistics).
  9. Elementary Education (Explain why it is so important for a teacher to understand a child's learning style. Understand the need to be aware of learning difficulties and how they can affect the student if the needs are not identified and supported. Design of a broadbased curriulum to meet the needs of all students)
  10. Education and Special needs Students (Research into the indentification of learning difficulties and the response to needs of students who have difficulties. Inclusion into mainstream verses special schooling.