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Move from light to thorough resources when writing your term paper

You’ve been given your topic, or at least been asked to narrow down your research topic. This can be daunting, but like the hare and the snail, slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush and think about what to do, take your time, make notes and think and explore all the opportunities and available options for your terms paper.

The first thing you need to do is go back through your course notes and establish as much about what you have learnt through the term as possible. Make headline notes as you go through it, highlight the parts which captured your interest and establish the parts that did not hold your interest too. They can be valuable later down the line.

I am sure you have a great memory, but things can be forgotten, so look through your notes afresh just to try and capture the main part of the year. You need to have a foresight when it comes to completing your topic. Writing about something you know nothing about is near enough impossible, so take your time and found out as much information as you can.

There is no rush, the longer you take to figure things out from the beginning the easier and quicker it will be to write the paper. Now, you have completed your course notes and have a bit of an idea of the topic and what you may be writing about and then come the next stage.


When you start the research, ensure you move from light to thorough resources to guarantee that you are moving in the right path. Start by using the Internet, it is a fast and easy source of information and can help give you summaries and detailed information about your topic. As you move away from the Internet and have a better idea for your research and your topic, then start going through the Academic Databases. The last stage should be to go even further in depth by practically living in the library. Ensure that the first stage, the internet is not the last step. The Internet is helpful, but there is not enough information to submit a valuable term paper. It will be a weak paper and show that you have not utilized all your resources but have taken the easy option, which will not guarantee you the grade that you so desire.