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How To Compose A Research Paper On Managerial Skills: Tips & Tricks

Research paper writing is a critical task, which demands students to stay evaluative and objective. They need to carry out extensive research and even perform experimentation if applicable to gather relevant and valid data for their paper. You need to develop a proper research methodology so that you carry out directed research and do not waste your time and efforts. This is also important to have a blueprint of your research so that you can stay in the right direction and do not feel confused among tons of information.

If you are to write a research paper on managerial skills then you need to understand their meaning and their significance in the business world. Managerial skills usually constitute of three major things.

  1. Human interaction- The ability to communicate well, translate ideas, control and keep the subordinates motivated to complete certain tasks. A good manager should be able to increase loyalty of the employees to the company and listen to the workforce problems and communicate them to higher authorities
  2. Technical knowledge- This shows the skill and understanding of the manager regarding the industry and business. A manager should have a good hold of the industry information and knowledge if he wants to control the subordinates and monitor if they are doing it right
  3. Cognitive thinking and decision-making- This involves conceptualization, idea analysis, decision making, problem solving, communication, negotiation, presentation and creative skills. A good manager should be able to take on spot decisions and evaluate the importance of certain factors for the company and its employees

You can choose to write about any of the above divisions and show the role of a good manager. You may also discuss other aspects in your paper according to the topic you choose. You can write about if these skills are innate or whether they can be developed through learning. You can focus on different industries and discuss what type of manager will be best suited for such jobs.

It is very important that whatever focus or topic you choose to write your research paper, you must have strong evidence and enough logical arguments to prove your point. If you keep on writing with a subjective approach or do not have enough data to support your stance, then your paper will be worthless.

Always stay in touch with your teacher or instructor to stay on the same page.