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Buying Research Papers Online: Fraud or Not?

There may have been a time or two that you considered purchasing a research paper online instead of trying to write it yourself. Term papers can be so time consuming because you first have to do the research, then organize it, and then write a paper regarding your analysis. This is such a long and tedious process and because of the amount of work involved, it is probably worth a larger percent of your grade. You may not be able to afford messing this assignment up.

So the question is whether buying a research paper a fraud or not:

  1. Survey says fraud!!

    The main reason why purchasing a paper online is a fraud is because you can’t be sure until after you purchase the paper whether it is good or not. You may not even be able to know that it is good until after you have purchased it. Then it’s too late.

  2. Prewritten papers could have been sold to your classmates.

    If you have been asked to write about a specific topic. This is something that you don’t have a choice on. If you choose one of these prewritten papers and someone else finds it too, you will both be handing in the exact same paper and both of you are in trouble.

  3. Self-grading it with no research.

    Without having done the research you would never know whether the content was good or not. You may be handing in a paper that was meant as a trap. Many people get a kick out of deceiving others. They enjoy the idea that individuals who would purchase the papers will get caught up because of its lack of quality.

  4. What is to gain?

    The real author of the paper is obviously selling the paper for money. They may not be so worried about what kind of grade they got on the assignment before they sell it to you. The worst thing that you could do is to submit a paper of less quality and it brings your overall grade down.

So it may be better just to write the paper yourself. Have someone else grade it so they can find your mistakes and you won’t lose points. I guess you may be able to find a great paper out there but this is just not something that you can be sure of so it may be best to leave it alone.