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The Asian American Dream

Asian American is a group of Americans who have an Asian descent. A century ago, most of these groups were a subject of targeted official discrimination. Most of them were low skilled with minimum wages. Today they are the fastest growing racial group in America and enjoy a high pay income with a good education background. So what made the Asian Americans in the United States, is it fate or a dream come true? A group that was considered once as a model minority whose image was mirrored in the experiences of the Jews.

The Asian pressure to succeed

The Asian American community is always subjected to tremendous pressure to prove one's worthiness. This pressure when unbearable can cause harm and when bearable can really help the young tucks who normally carry the burden of living the dreams of their parent. The young Asian American people feel the tension throughout their education system whereby most of them declares their majors based on their parents’ wishes rather than his or her preferences. The Asian youths have torn views on how a family should look like. In America, those who live in suburbs that are predominant by white people try to compare their families to an ideal America family. Mostly the Asian Americans often see a decision-making the process that is more democratic among the Americans something that is different to them. They see different characteristics in a parent-child relationship in Americans whereby a parent respects a child’s decision, a family relationship that is defined by intimacy, support, forgiveness, emotional nurture and understanding. In most cases, the dream for these avian youths in America is to have parents who appreciate them like the America families but their parents have a love that is filtered through Asian values.

Living the American dream

Most Asians have well fitted in America with many alterations to their life and how they settle in as compared to the beginning periods. At first most Asian newcomers lived in ethnic enclaves but these days most move to suburbs. The Asian community have embraced intermarriages with the dominant culture in America than whites or blacks. The Asian Americans today are skipping the rags part in their lives since most of them today fill skilled labour shortages in engineering, science and medicine fields. The Asians have been a majority immigrant group to have found high-tech businesses in Silicon Valley. The means in which the group has integrated with the U.S society has enabled them to live their American dream.