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A List of Interesting Biology Topics For Your Research Paper

When choosing a research topic, students are always advised to go with a topic of their interest. It’s equally important to consider the kind of people who are going to read it. When it comes to Biology research topics, there is a wide variety of interesting topics that you can choose from. Below are some of the most interesting biology topics for your research paper.

  1. Homosexuality and Genetics
  2. Considering the number of debates about homosexuality today, this would be definitely an interesting topic to cover. There have been many researches carried out concerning what type of genes are responsible for homosexuality, heterosexuality as well as bisexuality. Make sure to create an interesting and attention grabbing piece that can engage readers till the end.

  3. Obesity and Genetics
  4. Since different studies have been carried out on this, you might consider talking about what specific types of genes are highly susceptible to suffer from obesity. You can also discuss about what can be done to control the genes.

  5. Cancer and Lifestyle
  6. You can explain how change in lifestyle has been causing cancer. What has made cancer cases grow so fast and what should be done to help people change their bad lifestyles.

  7. Sleep
  8. Why sleep is so important for our body. Sleeping disorders and how they can be controlled or cured.

  9. Effect of Using Birth Control Pills and Menstruation Pills
  10. Discuss how use of birth control pills has significantly reduced fertility levels. How they can cause health complications to the users and what can be done to control the effects.

  11. Genetic Diseases
  12. Talk about all genetic diseases in general and how they have been affecting the human race. Discuss whether there is a possibility of reversing the effects and maybe, whether there is hope for balancing the chromosomes.

  13. Hypnosis
  14. This is a really interesting topic. You can research and write about the biological view on hypnosis and whether it really works.

  15. Economic Effect on Abortion
  16. This is a good topic that can catch your reader’s attention as its content is just interesting. Discuss about the impact of abortion on the future generations. The need for maintaining a specific number of population and the economic cost to the future generations.

  17. Alternative Medicine: How they work?
  18. This topic should be about how alternative medicine like herbs can be used to effectively treat diseases and whether it can outperform the modern medicine.

  19. Ebola Pandemic
  20. Considering the recent outbreak, this topic would really be eye-catching.