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7 Top Strategies To Complete An Interesting Research Paper About Music

Everyone is in love with music, but when it comes to writing about it, people often struggle. In order to create an interesting research paper, I’ve put together a few bullet-point strategies that should help you.

  1. Consider music from all generations: When writing about the different types of music, remember to consider music from different generations – and I don’t just mean back to the 70’s. Go right back. Right back past the blues – go back to Beethoven time and if you can, try to go even further.
  2. Consider all types of music: This is an important one. Instead of focusing on the genre of music you know the most about, explore and research all different types of music. This will make your paper interesting and engaging from readers of all audiences.
  3. Think about clashes: Think about how people have clashed two different types of music together to make one. You could mention how some people mix jazz with hip-hop music. You can name people, too. Make sure your readers know exactly what you’re talking about.
  4. Structure it well: You should make sure your work is cohesive and coherent. Make sure it has a structure. If you are all over the place, it will be harder for your readers to follow what you’re saying, therefore making it challenging and ultimately, boring.
  5. Think about instrumentation: You should always consider how different genres of music have different instrumentation and how some don’t even use instruments, for example, a lot of hip-hop or present day pop music.
  6. Consider music of different cultures: Think about different cultures and countries across the world – what types of music are they famous for and why? This is always an interesting topic to think about, and it will raise questions in your mind which you can look into and add further depth to your work.
  7. Discuss chord patterns: It is common knowledge that the majority of pop songs in today’s society include the same chords and chord patterns. You could explore why these are used so much, where they came from and their connections to other genres of music.

These points are just to help you on your way to creating an interesting research paper. By all means, you should use your own knowledge and your own ideas – this is only guidance. Good luck writing!