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How To Write A Thesis Paper - Finishing Your Own Work

Although it is usually recommended that scholars get a second set of eyes on their assignment before handing them in, sometimes when your pulling an all-nighter hours before the deadline you end up stuck. After all, if it is three in the morning and you are just putting your finishing touches on your major thesis paper assignment, you aren't going to call up your buddy and be like "hey man, can you edit my paper for me?" In these desperate times you are typically left with only one solution: Finish it yourself. However this means that you are being challenged to edit and proofread as well as critically examine your own work for quality.

The upside to editing your own work is that you have the opportunity to make corrections as you go. There is no need to worry about that sinking feeling one gets when someone else has critiqued your writing harshly. That said, if you want to learn how to finish your own work you need to be your own harshest critic. Carefully examine the content, eliminate "fat" or "filler" and make sure that everything flows nicely, makes sense, and is necessary.

How To Tell If Something Is Necessary

It may sound like a silly concept but when it comes to writing academic papers you need to know how to sort through your ideas as "good" or "bad". If the sentence(s), do not make sense, do not support the overall theme of the paper, or are just not STTRONG insights consider cutting them out.

Many students make the mistake of aiming for that approximate word count instead of composing great papers. They end up with assignments that are filled with fluff and essentially don't really say much about the topic that they are exploring. Even if eliminating a few sentences puts you below your assigned word count your paper can still get a better grade without it. Bad ideas, and not properly developed statements weigh a thesis down.

We understand that sometimes an assignment is just an assignment and you may not want to go through all the extra hassle of editing in order to make it "great". However, learning how to finish your own work properly is an important skill and something that will come in handy in the professional world. Now is the time to learn how to be critical of your own work, and give your paper that little extra TLC that is required in order to make it excellent.

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