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Assisted Suicide Research Paper Writing Tips

Assisted suicide is a majorly controversial issue; however it used to be even more of a topic back a few years ago due to media exposure highlighting several cases. These types of topics are hotbeds for compelling arguments on each side, and choosing a single argument to argue when it comes to assisted suicide can be difficult. Taking a stance and coming up with great supporting evidence to support your argument is essential to writing an excellent assisted suicide research paper.

Tips to get started

If you do not already have a stance yet on assisted suicide, then do not worry. You may never have one personally, but for the sake of a research paper it is best to argue for something you believe in as you are more likely to be passionate and convey your thoughts better. So, whether you have a stance already or not, let’s begin. Instead of rushing off to bury yourself in research, first take some time to jot down a few questions. These questions are aimed at helping you pinpoint certain areas to focus on during your research. Additionally they will help stimulate your brain, and are often lead straight into a thesis.

Some questions to write down before research include:

These questions are vital to understanding some of the ethical and legal issues behind assisted suicide. Prior to research, write these questions down, along with any of your own that you thought of, and answer them while you work.


During your research you should look into a variety of aspects that concern assisted suicide. The history of this type of suicide spans back for hundreds of years, with the law changing and adapting over time. Look at famous cases of assisted suicide, as well attempt to view this from a psychological point of view. Once you begin your research you can use those questions above, alongside with any notes you took, and begin crafting your research paper.