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How To Compose A Good Research Paper About Violence

It won’t be difficult to write an excellent research paper about violence if you know exactly how to go about doing it. The following guide will tell you what steps to take in order to produce an outstanding work.

  1. Pick the right topic.
  2. Violence is a wide subject, and you need to narrow it down to a topic that will be equally interesting for you and your readers. Remember that any piece of academic writing must be educational in some way. Therefore, it’s imperative to write about something that will teach your readers an important skill or introduce some new ideas.

  3. Develop a thesis sentence.
  4. This particular sentence must express the main idea of your work. It’s the question you will answer or the statement you will prove with the actual paper.

  5. Gather information.
  6. This is the most time-consuming part of the writing process, because you will need to go through a great deal of material in order to find some relevant data you can use to support your arguments. Take copious notes during your research, and be very careful about organizing them. If you keep them in order from the beginning, it will be easier for you to use them once you start writing.

  7. Develop an outline.
  8. You should do this either during or even before your research as this will make it easier for you to look for information. An outline is a plan of your essay that you should use as a guide when surfing through heaps of data. With a plan in mind, you won’t waste any precious time on studying the sources that won’t prove beneficial for you in this particular project.

  9. Write the first draft.
  10. An initial draft must contain all the relevant data that you’ve gathered. Use your outline when you write it, but feel free to deviate from the plan if you get some more interesting ideas while writing. Remember, a draft is not an actual research paper. You shouldn’t try to make it look good and instead focus on writing down every relevant fact that you’ve managed to discover.

  11. Revise and edit.
  12. Now you can start turning your rough draft into an excellent piece of academic writing. Revise the content and cut out every part that isn’t essential. There should be no filler content in an academic paper. Next, move on to fixing grammar and spelling mistakes. Finally, check the format. Once you are done, you should have an outstanding violence essay on your hands.