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Tips in case you didn't know how to write a purpose statement for a research paper

The internet offers a vast number of resources for any paper. But before you start writing your research paper, you should familiarize yourself with the different subject directories that exist and the search engines. There are many directories out there are have high quality articles which are all peer reviewed. These make for the most reliable resources for a research paper. Many academic institutions and professional organizations have links to these databases. They are a great place to begin your academic research online. You can also use reputable search engines to expand your search and find answers to your search questions.

When using search engines, it is best to use more than one type of search engine. Each search engine has slightly different results because they use different proprietary algorithms and ranking systems. So some search results in one type of search engine will vary from those in another. Using more than one search engine will give you the opportunity to review different information. While you research remember the following

Keep records of every site you use. If you write down a note or a statistic, mark it with detailed information about the website. Doing this will help you keep your notes organized which will make it easier for you to revisit useful websites at a later date and put information in your reference page. Your history function on the browser may not be adequate enough so always take the time to write it down yourself and keep a permanent record.

When you are looking for a topic to write about consider the following topics: