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Racial Elements


The issue of race has been a topic of discussion since time immemorial. This is because of the effects that race has on the overall living of an individual. There are various racial elements that are considered if race is a determining factor in the activities that an individual is going to undertake. Racial discrimination is one of the racial elements. Racial elements come into play when there is miscegenation as discussed later in this paper.

Racial elements as attitudes

Racial prejudice is a key element in the development of a society where people of different races cohabit. As the world continues to become smaller due to technology, people from different racial backgrounds are bound to interact. This interaction could be through business, marriage and other ways. Negative racial elements such as prejudice will not permit for the healthy growth of the society. There will be numerous cases of tension and lack of harmony. Racial elements can paralyze the growth of a society in all aspects: social, economic as well as political.

Racial elements are learnt

Racial elements being attitudes then they are learnt. These elements vary depending on the groups that are within a given race. Not all people of Latin origin share the same ideas concerning their race and other races. The best example can be derived from the African colonial period. There are communities that resisted colonization; they felt equal if not superior to the Europeans. At the same time there were others that readily accepted colonization because they felt they were no match for the advanced power of the Europeans. Attitudes are learnt. People develop attitudes depending on their environment, mostly their social environment. One develops attitudes according to the beliefs of the society around him/her.

The adaptive benefit miscegenation

Miscegenation is the interaction of people of different races. This is a common scenario in urban areas where people from all parts of the world converge to carry out their businesses. Miscegenation does not just occur, people have their different attitudes towards other races and so the culture clash might lead to tension within that population. Racial elements held by the original population might increase for a while but as the population continues to grow, these racial elements decline.

With societies becoming more globalized, miscegenation provides a process of linking all aspects of humankind together harmoniously. It also leads to the realization of a peaceful world. This is because the mixing races, with time, develop a new racial element that allows them to live together and work to achieve a common goal.