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Essential Tips On Writing A Research Paper On Love

The process of creating a research paper on love does not differ from writing on any other topic and the following steps should be followed:

Although the feeling of love is as old as humanity itself, the first study, or “dissection” of love was carried out by the Ancient Greeks as far as we know. Contrary to popular belief that the heart is the seat of love, the Greeks, being great rationalists and believers in the power of the mind, asserted that love, like other emotions, resides in the brain. They taught that there are four types of love which they called Agape, Phileo, Storge, and Eros.

This was further developed by Plato in his famous dialogue “Symposium” in which Plato asserts that the highest kind is non-sexual love which offers a way to the contemplation of the divine and from which the term “platonic love” derives. In other words, Plato distinguished two types: vulgar Eros and divine Eros. This concept was further developed in medieval times, especially the idea of Beauty, one of the examples being the love for the Fair Lady.

Summing up: writing a paper on classical love follows the same steps as in any other research. The most important thing is to understand the topic.