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Free Tips On How To Write A Research Paper In The Chicago Style

The Chicago style of writing is used widely by many authors and its manual, the CMS is often referred to as the editor’s bible. Focused highly on providing formats for citations, this style consist of two main notation types, preferred by author’s in different fields. In the following few points, I will outline the Notes and bibliography method of citations used in the Chicago style:

  1. Notes
  2. In this format, you must insert an end note or footnote whenever a source is quoted. These quotations can be direct ones, a summary or even paraphrased. Footnotes are to be added at the end of each page containing cited sources while at the end of each chapter must contain a section devoted to end notes.

    The first time a source is used, the corresponding note must contain all relevant information about the author and the publication used, while for the following notes, a shortened version of the author’s identification can be used, along with the page number of the publication.

    Should you need to quote the same source again and page number, the abbreviation "Ibid” must be inserted, if the same source is quoted but a different page number, the abbreviation “Ibid” must be included along with the new page number in the corresponding note.

    This system of citation is quite detailed and is often preferred by scholars in the history department.

  3. Bibliographies
  4. In this section of the paper, you are required to list all information pertaining to cited sources, in alphabetical order, usually at the end of the paper, before the index. While it lists all cited sources in the previous document, it can also contain sources that were not included in the original document that can also be read for further information.

    Each bibliography should contain the following features:

    • The authors name
    • Place the last name of the author first, followed by first and other names, with a comma in between.

    • Titles
    • Every book, article, journal or magazine cited must be listed by name, the titles of the chapters or sections must also be included.

    • Date of publication
    • Every text used for referencing during your research must be include the name of the publication along with the years in which it was published

    • Punctuation
    • All distinct elements of a bibliography must be separated by a period.