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How to Write the Analysis of a Research Paper: Tips to Follow

When writing it is important that you adhere to the structure which is required of you. The structure may often consist of the introduction as well as the body and the conclusion but different types of papers have different requirements for the body. For a research paper your analysis is what compiles the purpose of your paper. It is what you discover throughout your research and the purpose of the paper is to present these discoveries or findings to the reader. No matter what it is important to remember that each paragraph should contain the following information:

  1. An insinuation to the pattern used in the introduction paragraph
  2. A restatement of the thesis statement by using the original language that enforces the original language. It should not be a copy-paste statement.
  3. A brief summary of the 3 main points from the body of the essay
  4. A final statement that shows the reader that the discussion has been concluded. Here, a ‘call to action’ should be indicated clearly.

Remember to select a topic that you are very proficient in when writing this kind of an essay. You should not follow a route followed by many people who bring out complex topics that they are not very good at in the first place.