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How to Write a Research Paper on Bullying: Highlighting the Main Points

Bullying is the hot button issue right now. It is a huge issue in schools all over America. Writing a research paper on the topic should be relatively easy to do with the fountain of information at your finger tips. Everyone is already talking about this topic so you should be able to get a lot of information for your paper. The important thing to know is what information to add. What do you put in about the topic? What are the main points to make about bullying right now in our society? Here are a few suggestions.

Main Points

Bullying is now electronic as well

There was a time where if you got bullied at school it was over when you got home. Home was a safe place back then. Now that bullies have gone on social networks to spread rumors and taunt students that is no longer true for so many people. With bullying out on the internet everywhere you look there is no longer a safe place for students at home because their profiles get hacked or people post mean things to their walls. It has gone digital and now it is everywhere, so where is safe?

How to react when you see it

The focus for a lot of groups now is to teach kids what to do when they see students getting bullied. Tell them what they should do about it. Teach them why they should stand up and how to go about doing do in the right ways. There are now plenty of sites dedicated to this topic as well and most schools have a complete no tolerance policy for bullies. Teaching people how to react is a step in the right direction.

Has the system taken no tolerance too far?

There have been many schools adopting this no tolerance attitude towards bullies lately which at first seemed like the best way to handle the epidemic of bullying. There have been cases though of children playing cowboys on the playground getting kicked out of school for making a gun with their finger and aiming it at another student. Is a 7 year old playing cowboys a bully? Is this too much?

Find out all of the information you can on the subject. Make sure that whatever you feel the main points should be are the ones included. These are examples of main points on the agenda right now but there are many more. Find them and start writing.