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Difference Between UK And US Essay Writing Services

With competition heating up worldwide to produce the best writing services for essays, the two biggest markets, the United Kingdom and United States, have emerged as front runners for top providers, especially since both countries employ chiefly English speaking writing professionals. With this heated battle for market share of writing services, there have been distinct differences in UK and US essay script services come to light, which we now describe in detail so you may decide your country of choice.

Language Style

Americans adopted their style of English directly from British tutelage, making the United Kingdom widely viewed as the ‘precedence’ in proper language. Since many differences begin with USA using ‘z’ whereas UK uses ‘s’, the language barrier is what separates the two powerhouses from being nearly identical in language styles. Both countries, of course, also boast different vocabulary styles again which USA adopted from British roots. Nothing is really ‘wrong’, per se, with either writing style; the mere separation is one’s personal preference.

Editing Styles

British editors use the widely accepted Oxford standard of editing and proofreading passages whereas Americans are more astute with Chicago and APA styles. Oxford editing styles, used by publishing companies around the UK and most of Europe, seem to have more loose demands whereas Chicago and APA seem stricter in proper editorial formatting. Depending on your needs, you may actually prefer British English editorial styles.


You may notice that although America is the ‘Land of the Free’, it’s also ‘Land of Greed’ which seems to plague businessmen and those who open writing services; Brits tend to only ask for prices which they deem just and proper for each situation without ‘high balling’ their customers. Even when they deal with American customers, Brits tend to keep their prices fairly adjusted so anyone is able to afford editing, proofreading and anything else which is needed.

Choice Is Definitely Yours

Nobody can really tell customers which is actually better since it’s really all about personal preference, writing style which you prefer, and intended audiences. British English is the actual parent to American English which makes the latter the standard for many around Europe, China and other countries abroad. In terms of affordability, Brits tend to charge just over their costs to make smaller profits while still delivering the best possible written works to their clientele. Choose for yourself and make your ultimate decision which you want: affordability and proper English, or slightly higher yet closer to home.